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    Comments: I've been seeing a pain management Dr for over a decade & until I came to Dr Vinay Belamkar I've NEVER actually had ANY pain management. It's only been my last doctor's giving oral meds to help, but I still suffered majorly with back pain. Dr Belamkar has talked to me about noninvasive procedures he can do to help besides just oral meds,so far he's done nerve numbing/burning procedure that has actually gave me relief in my lower back that I've NOT had in SEVERAL Decades. It is like a MIRACLE! I couldn't have ever imagined having relief like THIS EVER. This doctor has the best bedside manner of any doctor you could ever want. He really wants to help you with your pain & not just talk about the problem he actually works to help with what ever it is. I have several herniated disc along with MS, & ankylosis spondylitis along with having 38 stomach surgeries and MANY more problems but until NOW I'm actually having some relief that I never thought was possible. I highly recommend this doctor to all my loved ones & anyone else who's in need of ANY pain management. Thank you Dr Vinay Belamkar with all my heart, thank you to his WONDERFUL nurses & staff. If I could rate you higher than a 5 I would.
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