About Dr. Vinay Belamkar

(Dr. Vinnie)

Chronic pain almost always has medical underlying cause. It is not all in your head.

Chronic pain can be resolved. It is not a life sentence of suffering.

I am board certified in Interventional Pain Management, Anesthesia, and Internal Medicine. After graduating from Bangalore Medical College in India, all my postgraduate training is from Indiana University School of Medicine. I have served in various roles in healthcare and am experienced in primary care, hospital and intensive care, anesthesia, and pain management. For the last 10 years I have practiced comprehensive intervention pain management exclusively.

After fellowship training in Interventional Pain Management at IU School of Medicine, I served in the Pain Clinic at University Hospital, Indianapolis, IN. For the last 8 plus years I have provided pain management services at Witham Hospital, Lebanon IN.

My goal is to provide high quality pain management care to reduce the effect of pain on disability and dysfunction. Improving function and quality of life, with minimal invasiveness and risk to patients is possible.

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